Would You Pay $1,000 for a Tory Burch Bag? Wholesale Replica

4 years ago

It’s hard for contemporary designers to step outside of a contemporary price point without arousing ire from its customers. It stands to reason that a huge portion of the fans of a brand like Tory Burch appreciate the designer’s work because they feel like it provides a good value for their dollar or inhabits a price range with which they’re reasonably comfortable. When those brands attempt to push upward, not only do those fans sometimes not follow, but they often become vocally angry – how dare a brand get too big for its price-britches!

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, the Tory Burch Attersee Chevron Satchel, above, costs $995. The bag is rendered in suede and wool, replete with numerous tiny beads and a few larger stones to cap off the bag’s closure. It’s detailed, lush and on trend in a lot of ways for fall. It’s jewelry, a sweater and a handbag all rolled into one, and considered all the disparate elements, it pulls off the look fairly well. (I’m not so sure about the stones at the top, but other than that, it’s a beautifully intricate bag.) Fine materials don’t necessarily impress fans of contemporary brands, though, if the price is similarly fine. That’s not what they signed up for, after all, and snakeskin and fur ventures by brands like Coach prove that pretty well, at least in consumer reaction. One needs only peek inside our PurseForum to pick up on that vibe.

Despite the fact that I know this bag isn’t any more overpriced for what it is than any other bag on the market from a similar brand, I still couldn’t put my money down for it, even if I loved it. In my head, the perceived value of a Tory Burch bag tops out at about $600, and it would probably take a slow, steady climb for the brand to exceed that figure for me. What about you? Can you envision a Tory Burch bag that would make you part with a grand? Is this one it?

Some readers requested a detailed overview of my new Tory Burch double-zip bag. . .so here we go. I started looking into this bag 3 weeks ago. I love the way it seems on line but wanted to see it in person before I take the plunge. I went into my regional Saks and attempted on the black one back in December. The Robinson bag can be purchased at high-end department stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales in addition to Tory Burch’s website for $575. Once seeing/touching it in person, another step for me was to look for some kind of a reduction. I think I’ve said it before — I do not mind preowned as long as they meet my requirements. Both of my Chanel bags are preowned and that I love them. I wasn’t going to buy a preowned Tory Burch however that I was not opposed to this idea, either. I watched some of these on eBay and all of them ended up about $475ish. The savings isn’t important. I decided to hold out a little longer to find a better deal. The first question that came to my mind was why? The main reason is that this tote was created before summer of 2012. The lining for the Robinson Double-zip tote was redesigned last Fall. Hence, the solid canvas liner vs. the logo jacquard lining. Other than that, everything else is equal to the present version.I did some research online concerning the liner simply to teach myself. However, there was a photo from Neiman Marcus showing the specific same lining. Additionally, someone here mentioned the orange lining (the inspection dated March 2012).

If so, pick up this bag for $995 via Saks.