Tory Burch’s Pre-Fall 2017 Bags Take the Brand New in a Complicated Direction Grade 1 Replica Handbag

2 years ago

If you have old ideas about Tory Burch Bag Baby as a line full of logo medallions and sensible preppiness, it’s probably long past time to be a little more open-minded about what Burch and her team are doing at the ever-expanding, ever-evolving contemporary brand they’ve built into an empire. The logos and well-scrubbed conventionality still exist within the brand’s accessories line, of course, but that’s true for a lot of brands whose scale requires that they maximize the number of consumers they reach–after all, women need things they can carry to work and that will look presentable for more than a season or two. What Burch does with her seasonal collections is far more sophisticated and interesting, though, and its well worth your attention (and, potentially, your dollars).

Tory Burch’s inspiration for Pre-Fall 2017 was globetrotting Italian furniture designer and spirtualist Gabriella Crespi, and the clothes and bags mine the gypset look and come up with Moroccan and Indian influences in 70s hues. The most notable new design of the bunch is a big-buckled saddle bag, which comes in patchwork and studded versions but is most compelling in a single color of nubuck with tonal covered hardware. Check out all the bags below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

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The large tote has a compartment for a laptop, one big zip pocket, and four pockets for smaller items and devices. There is also a clip for keys. Again, I can fit into this bag without feeling like I’m carrying a good deal. For your tradeshow, I carried a set of flats as a backup pair of sneakers, plus they readily fit in the bag.The single thing that I don’t like about the bag is the laptop pocket doesn’t attach to the base of the bag, so it’s easy for things to get lost underneath. But seriously, it is a pretty minor problem, and the sole problem I have with the bag.Again, the price tag is a big reason to choose another handbag; however, in case you really are searching for a quality handbag, the cost isn’t too bad. It retails for $295, and the smaller version is $245. However, in the event that you truly want a practical, daily bag, I’d recommend the big, especially if you’re using it for work or school.If you missed getting this bag on sale throughout the autumn Tory Burch Bag Orange sale this past weekend, then I would check eBay if you’re searching for a great thing. EBay often has great rates, even on items that are NWT. I also generally filter by “Buy It Now” when I am looking too, like I really don’t enjoy the notion of bidding. With eBay, just be conscious of vendor’s coverages and understand there can always be a small threat. Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and other retailers carry the bag as well.I have consistently been a large handbag type of gal. I understand the bigger the bag the more things we wind up carrying in it, but that is just the way it is.

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