The Tory Burch Perry Tote is a Fantastic Everyday Bag Expensive Replica

2 years ago
Tory Burch Perry Tote 1

I’ve not been posting much, and it’s because another major change has been going on. As many of you know Vlad and I spend most of our time in South Florida. Zika virus has been impacting the South Florida area with local cases that started to spring up, and while I’m not someone who typically worries much, Zika does worry me since I’m pregnant. Long story short we had to both be tested for Zika because we were in the zones that had cases and thankfully we are both negative. In order to avoid the constant stress of trying to ward of mosquitos (a fairly impossible task in Florida!), we decided to head up to NYC and get out of the Zika zone.

As of now we may be here for a month to just relax a little or until I deliver. We’re lucky we have a flexible job that allows us to move around if needed and now I’m able to go outside for walks in Central Park and not be totally paranoid! So not that you have that update, I can get back to chatting about everything else we love!

Being in NYC is such a huge reminder of the need for a great everyday bag. I have plenty of bags that work well for NYC life and have found that a great light-weight tote is a must-have if you are on the move often. It’s easy to pack your daily essentials and if you’re like me, you carry a bit more than needed. Sometimes when I have a long day, my tote bag has a smaller bag inside to take to a meeting later and even a change of shoes.

While the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is probably one of the most sought after options when it comes to an everyday tote, many brands have similar options. I stumbled upon the Tory Burch Perry Tote and it grabbed my attention.

I immediately recognized the bag as Tory Burch, but the logo is small and the bag is straightforward. The grained leather is sturdy and will hold up well and the top handles are both thin and flat with a 9″ drop (which will fit nicely on your shoulder). I love the pink interior which works well with the french gray hued exterior. There is a snap closure that helps secure the open top, which is a perk for a tote, and the interior features two slip pockets. Dimensions are 11″H x 14.8″W x 6″D. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $395.

3. Size — The tote comes in a small and normal dimensions. The normal size is what we each own and it is often known as the “large” version. To us it’s the normal size of a traditional bag bag. We managed to order the size over the summer and it was simply too small for our liking. However, if you’re a petite man or prefer small to medium sized bags, this one might be a fantastic fit for you. The height isn’t too much different, but there’s a difference from the width. The regular bag just has so much more storage room so for only $50 more it’s a no brainer in our opinion.4. Storage — Both sizes have a centre zipper pocket that’s great for keeping receipts and other things which you do not need floating around in your luggage. Each side of the bag has the normal storage pockets. 1 side contains two smaller ones and the other one is one which zips. We find that the big bag is fantastic for laptops and just a notebook. But do not worry if you do not intend on using it to hauling stuff to and from school or work. Cost — If you don’t already know, the normal size is $295 and the small size is $245. and retail shops never let seasonal revenue and promo codes to operate on those bags. Moreover, the staple colors like black, bag, crimson, etc. are not discounted. Rarely among those specialty colours will go available. However, most likely these colors sell out way before this occurs. But the good news is, now until Friday 1/15 you can save 50 OFF EITHER SIZE! All colours are included too. Free shipping is automatically applied also. Furthermore, if you don’t have NM on your state then you don’t need to pay sales tax. This saves you more than 20!

Tory Burch Perry Tote 1