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2 years ago
Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (2)

If you’ve been following the general flow of New York Fashion Week coverage, you’ve probably picked up on the major 70s thread that’s running through the lion’s share of the notable (and not-so-notable) New York collections. That aesthetic definitely held true at Tory Burch, and especially for the bags. You know the vintage saddle bags in shades of whiskey and wine that your chicest boho friend somehow manages to find at vintage stores? They’re coming to a Tory Burch location near you.

If you tend to associate Tory with only her logo bags, these runway styles might be a welcome change for you. There are no logos to be found; instead, some of the bags have era-appropriate embellishments, and all have burnished golden hardware. They’re all cohesive, but each one feels special; here’s hoping that we see more of this side of Tory in stores soon.

Check out all of our photos from the runway below.

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (2)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (3)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (4)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (5)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (6)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (7)

Even with that, I still had one of the ladies from the Purse Forum authenticate this specific one prior to making my purchase just to be certain. I don’t mind the older lining at all. The condition of this bag, the color and the savings sealed the offer. The seller who I bought this bag from has over 2000 positive comments and sells largely designer handbags. However, just like any other purchase, please examine and make sure that you’re comfortable before making one.This is my first Tory Burch Bag Clearance handbag and I am very impressed by the quality of this bag. The saffiano leather is durable, scratch-free and the hardware is fine and heavy. This bag measures 10 1/2(H) x 16(W) x 5 1/2(D). The size is just simply perfect for an everyday work tote. It includes a shoulder strap for simple access. The strap is flexible (which is obviously a bonus) and removable when needed.It has a mobile phone slot as well as a larger slot for additional things.The body of this bag keeps shape easily and doesn’t slouch.This tote is a little on the heavy side. It is not always a problem for me. However, it’s something to consider when it comes to wearability.When the shoulder strap is used, it is going to pull up the interior lining (see the above photograph). In the long term, it might damage the liner. I really don’t use the shoulder strap frequently. However, when I do, I will make sure I do not carry heavy stuff in it. Consequently, this remains a fantastic tote for me. It retains all my regular essentials perfectly and is a classic fashion purse that will last for several years. I hope you find this article helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or comments.
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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (8)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (9)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (10)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (11)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (12)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (13)

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Tory Burch Fall/Winter '15 (14)