Journalists with bags shopaholic tendencies

2 years ago

In today’s fresh new confessional we meet a young journalist out of Indonesia whose passion for bags knows no bounds. As a teenager our confessor obtained his first bag after finding a dusty, but barely used, Coach purse that had been gifted to his grandma a decade earlier. It was love at first tote and this collector finally was able to buy his first designer bag (a Saint Laurent Muse 2 ) with the vacation bonus from his occupation.


From that point that self-proclaimed impulse-buyer acquired many covetable conveys to be an Old Celine Tri-Color Trapze, Balenciaga Work RH Chevre, Gucci GG Supreme level bag and much more. Although he only shops the pre-loved marketplace as that is what his occupation affords,

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this confessor is not shy about his shopaholic tendencies, admitting to sometimes purchasing items on impulse and secretly borrowing money from his late-grandmother’s estate. Overall this confessor gives an honest and candid look into how he’ll do anything it takes to indulge in his passion for luggage. After all, to him they are emotional investments, sparking joy inside even on the most ordinary of excursions. Read the entire confessional below and do not forget to submit your own!

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